Dog Mugs

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  • Boxers Ceramic Mug

    Boxers Ceramic Mug

    Boxers are really intelligent, high energy, playful dogs. Fiercely loyal pets who will guard their family. They prefer to be in the company of their owners
  • Jack Russell Terriers Ceramic Mug

    Jack Russell Terriers Ceramic Mug

    Jack Russell Terriers, are happy energeticĀ dogs, their desire to hunt is bred into them, training is essential. they are alert and watchful, you will never have to win a battle of wills.
  • Pugs Ceramic Mug

    Pugs Ceramic Mug

    Pugs are happy and affectionate, loyal, charming and very playful. Pugs make good watchdogs.. Made from ceramic with a high gloss duraglaze finish this this two-tone mug will withstand many years of visits to the dishwasher and stands out in a crowd.